Best online collaboration tool of 2024

Podio is unlike other project management systems in that it doesn’t have fixed structures or compel users to speak their language. It allows each user to create their own custom workspaces, use pre-made apps, or build custom apps. Manage projects and tasks better with an Agile project management tool. Hubstaff Tasks lets you break down projects into smaller tasks, assign team members, add comments, due dates, labels, and more.

Teamwork provides several tools and reports to maximize resources and improve tasks planning. One of the keys to effective remote collaboration is to talk and see the people you work with, which is only possible with video calls. One of the biggest disadvantages of video calls is wasting time with frozen videos of terrible sounds. And while sometimes it is due to connectivity, other times it’s because of the platform itself. Microsoft Project is a sophisticated project management platform, including industry-leading features to plan a distributed workflow.

Tool 10: Slack

In addition to its collaboration features, Confluence offers reporting, analytics, and automation capabilities for project management. At Himalayas, we use Linear, but only because we’re already using it for issue tracking and we prefer to keep our tech stack as light as possible. Overall, Asana is our pick for the best project management tools for remote teams because it’s powerful (but not bloated) and user-friendly.

  • When it comes to staying updated, quickly seeing what different contributors are up to and how projects are looking, Figma’s capabilities are second to none.
  • To facilitate this, you need online collaboration tools that will allow for collaboration in real time.
  • Encourage participants to mute their microphones when they are not speaking.
  • You’ll also want to connect with the fastest internet connection possible.
  • The COVID pandemic and has put to bed the myth that virtual teams can’t facilitate real-time collaboration to work effectively and productively.

Slack is a highly customizable productivity app that plays well with others. However, you need to understand what Slack does and doesn’t promise to deliver before you consider deploying it for your team. It’s an excellent place for conversations and discussion, remote collaboration but if you’re looking to manage tasks and workflows, you need more than Slack alone. With its large amount of storage and search capabilities, Confluence is a great way to keep information and documentation related to past, present and future projects.

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Artboard Studio is a dedicated design tool for creating video, vector, image, and audio altogether in one powerful infinite canvas. BugHerd is the world’s simplest visual feedback & bug tracker tool for websites. It’s the best tool to collect, organize and act on website feedback. Just point and click, like using sticky notes to pin client feedback on your site. We started Height to build a tool that adapts to you and your team, however you prefer to work. Height evolves with your agency — as you grow, Height grows right alongside you so you can build a more interconnected team.

Motion also tracks your web browsing habits and gives you a personalized snapshot of how you’re allocating your time. Collaborating with teams doesn’t mean all conversations and files should be public. Sometimes, you’ll want team members to have private conversations or work on sensitive projects. Coders can easily collaborate when writing their code through platforms like Codingteam.

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People create avatars, which populate a virtual room, and they set a status to indicate if they’re busy focusing, in a meeting or available for a spontaneous conversation. They can then communicate with each other via chat messaging or video and audio calls, all available in the app. You can always see who is talking to whom, just like in a real office setting, which is helpful for nimble teams trying to do a lot of synchronous work. Its platform allows users to plan and collaborate through many functions from video conferencing to creating Gantt charts.

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Other handy features include being able to share files, chat and use face-to-face live video. Airtable is really a relational database tool that can also be used for project management. The tool allows for the creating and editing of databases but also has elements of spreadsheet software. To get started, you could use one of the many free templates that are available, build a database from scratch, or import data. The software is made up of bases that can be used to organize information in tables.